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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Shower, Christmas, New Year's... am I behind? Maybe a little.

Yes, it has been awhile. But what can I say? I am a busy girl. :)

Matt came home this month for 3 whole weeks! It was such a blessing. We were really praying that the baby would decide to make it's entrance during the time so Matt would for SURE be there. But, I am posting today 1/13/2011... and still no baby! lol At my appointment yesterday my doctor said the baby is still thriving and that he is wanting to go with our second due date. I had 2 due dates... 1. from my LMP 2. my early ultrasound date. So January 28th? uhhhh... too far away! Don't get me wrong I have mostly enjoyed being pregnant but I am one of those people that won't miss being pregnant after the baby comes. The whole point of this journey was to birth a baby. So ya the indigestion, constipation, horrible skin, gaining weight, barely being able to tie my shoes, rolling in/out of bed and on/off the couch, and hormones WILL NOT BE MISSED! Goodbye... and don't come back! (well, for awhile at least hehe)
My Mom, sisters, and Shelly Petty gave me a wonderful baby shower on Dec. 11th! The theme was "Woodland" and the decorations were awesome! Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures "before" the chaos started, but we did get a few! Here are some pictures....

On the same day, I had ANOTHER baby shower from my in-laws. I feel really blessed for everything that was given to us. I honestly hardly had to buy anything myself! We have tons of diapers which will probably last us at least 2 months (on the average that the baby needs a change 10-12x a day) and tons of wipes! I really couldn't believe how generous everyone was. It was wonderful.

Of course, Christmas happened at some point in December. The 25th, maybe? lol Well, we were spoiled! Matt bought me a Sephora Blockbuster makeup kit that has over 100 eyeshadows, 80 lipglosses, 8 liquid eyeliners, 3 regular eyeliners, 3 lipliners, brushes, and mascara. IN LOVE! I also got Michael Kor's Very Hollywood perfume. If you haven't had the opportunity to smell that... get on it! His parents got us a new vacuum :) and then my parents got us a new vacuum. lol So we took my parents vacuum back and got some movies, a bookcase, and some XBOX games that we could play together. I bought Matt clothes, clothes, more clothes, shoes, and clothes. That's all he wanted! Which is understandable because he definitely needed a new wardrobe (love ya honey!). But beside all the "stuff" we got, the best present was honestly being able to be together. He live so far away and during our first year of marriage I feel like we have been away more then together. I loved being with him for the holidays. MANY MORE TO COME! New Years was uneventful. We were going to go to the dance that the Church was putting on but I was too tired. Poor pregnant me. lol The funny thing about that is, MATT ENDED UP FALLING ASLEEP! By around 1045pm. HAHA! I woke him up at 12 and told him Happy New Year and he sat up and was like, "Huh? It's already midnight." lol Then we kissed (aw adorable) and went to bed. Very uneventful, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Now it's JANUARY!

I have lot's of new years resolutions. First and foremost... I will have a baby! :) And then, I will lose the weight. Here's a preview of the rest...

  • Learn a new instrument
  • Keep studying Italian
  • (this is a surprise)
  • Learn to be a little more patient
  • stay in school
  • Create better eating habits!
Matt's resolutions (which I swear he picked one's that he is already good at! lol)
  • Get into shape
  • be a good dad
  • be a better husband
  • set a job up for when I am done with the Army
  • Go to Disneyland (not really a resolution, but I am not gonna argue!)
I know this is going to be an exciting and busy year! I am so excited for everything to come. I will try better to update more often... but no promises! haha The next post will most likely be after the baby gets here. So stay tuned!
This is my 38/40 week belly... Oh and this is my "after baby body".... HAHAHAHAHA!

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  1. You have had a fun month of exciting things. So happy for you and all your goals. Hope for a Healthy, Happy baby and an exciting year of joy for you and your Family. You look beautiful and you are very determined and will achieve your goals. We love you!


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