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Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting my edumacation on


Although I love the thought of eventually graduating with a master's in Linguistic Anthropology the action of getting there is making me anxious. This semester has been the most difficult maybe because it started January 10th and not 12 days later was I in the hospital giving birth. With late nights, dirty diapers, and being overly sleep deprived, I juggled my online classes as well. Most people would say I was crazy and that I should have taken the semester off. But if you know me, I usually don't listen to what most people say. lol! As this semester ends (one month, one month, one month) I have learned more then what my 12 units have offered me. I also have become so truly greatful for the power that education brings. I am excited to set a good example for Nikos and showing him that you can be whatever you want to be with dedication and hard work (wow that same speech sounds oddly familiar. Maybe I tuned it out about 4 years ago!). This summer I will be continuing my online math class (I hate math and dread that I have to complete up to Calculus...yuck!) and taking a communications class. So I will have lots of time for my baby boy and CRAFTS! I have so many things to refurbish, create, and so many ideas to make a reality. But until then (one month, one month, one month) I will suffer in silence as I complete this semester. At least I have Nikos to keep me entertained. He is my best pal! lol

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  1. You look beautiful and so Happy. Nikos is a sweetie. He is darling. You can do it Lauren! You are disciplined and a go-getter.. I am proud of your accomplishments. We are here too to help you!


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